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As Madden 24 nears the end of its cycle, EA Sports unveils fresh content in Season 6, now live in MUT.

Season 6, likely the final major update for Madden 24, brings a plethora of new content, including a revamped Field Pass, program updates, and enticing rewards for players.

Let's dive into what Season 6 has to offer.

Release Date:
Season 6 launched in Madden 24 on Wednesday, April 17, at approximately 9 am PT / 5 pm BST, ushering in a wave of exciting content.

Details about Season 6 were revealed during the Good Morning Madden stream on April 16 at 7 pm ET / 12 am BST.

Let's explore the key highlights of Season 6.

Like previous seasons, Season 6 introduces a new Field Pass with 50 levels. This Field Pass allows players to earn various rewards, including XP, coins, packs, and more.

Season 6 features four players in the Field Pass, accessible via sets. To acquire them, players must collect tokens within the Field Pass and exchange them for their desired player:

99 OVR Lane Johnson - RT - Eagles
99 OVR Harrison Smith - SS - Vikings
99 OVR Bobby Wagner - MLB - Commanders
99 OVR Drew Brees - QB - Saints
These players start at a base 97 OVR but can be upgraded to their final 99 OVR using upgrade tokens obtained in the Field Pass.

Additionally, Season 6 offers a welcome pack containing a Demarcus Lawrence card that players can upgrade to 99 OVR using tokens from the Field Pass.

Notably, Season 6 introduces daily boosted objectives instead of daily milestones, providing players with XP and various boosts.

Season 6 introduces new programs to MUT, including the NFL Draft program, aligned with the upcoming NFL Draft, offering exciting cards and challenges.

The Theme Team All-Stars program lets users earn player items from all NFL teams, upgradeable to 99 OVR.

Moreover, the AANHPI Heritage program celebrates players like Josh Jacobs, Talanoa Hufanga, and Younghoe Koo, featuring challenges highlighting their career milestones and offering player items as rewards.

Continuing from previous weeks, programs like Weekly Wild Cards, AKA, Ultimate Legends will release weekly content. Additionally, the Team Builders and Redux program will introduce a new batch of players.

Season 6 also hints at two new events promising innovative roster upgrades, although EA Sports has yet to disclose specifics.

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