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Форум сайта: REIKA-VITEBSK.by

REIKA-VITEBSK.by: Ремонт рулевых реек в Витебске. Наша компания оказывает услуги по ремонту рулевых реек легковых автомобилей, внедорожников и микроавтобусов.
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Beginning at the beginning of the year with PS5 Games, NBA 2K23 was the most downloaded game on PSN at the end of September North America, while FIFA 23 was the most popular game in Europe (which is not a surprise considering how well-known football is in Europe). A different September release, The Last of Us Part 1 was ranked third in both regions.

Making the switch from PS4, NBA 2K23 was the most-downloaded game of the month throughout the US and Canada in Canada, while FIFA 23 made the top spot in Europe. When it comes to PSVR titles, Beat Saber was the top. 1 game in both North America and Europe, with Job Simulator and Superhot VR placing second and third in both regions.

For games that are free to play, which includes PS5 and PS4 all together, Fortnite was the most-downloaded game in the US and Canada as well as Canada. Rumbleverse was the most played free-toplay game in Europe.

Check out the most downloaded PSN games from September below which was compiled by Sony and shared on the PlayStation Blog.In another piece of PlayStation news, Sony's God of War Ragnarok has finally been certified as gold because PlayStation has confirmed the fact that it was developed by nine different studios.

Sony has big plans for its next generation of hardware for virtual reality, as it plans for 2 million devices of the PSVR 2 headset ready by March next year.

The mass production of the VR headset reportedly began in September (via Bloomberg) and has been able to overcome shortages in the supply chain. Do you want to know how to get coins fast in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23? There are many ways to get coins fast in FIFA 23. MMOexp.com shows you how to get coins fast in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.
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